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Suede, Leather, Fur & Fire-Retardant Clothing Cleaning Services

In addition to regular dry cleaning and laundry services, Kesterson Cleaners & Launderers in Parkersburg, WV, also provides specialty cleaning services to customers throughout the area. We can clean leather, suede, furs, fire-retardant clothing, and more! When you have a special garment in need of cleaning but do not want to cause any damage, leave it to the experienced professionals at Kesterson’s. We can keep you and your wardrobe looking great, so contact us today for all of your specialty cleaning needs!

Wash & Fold Services for Afforable Prices!

Our regular wash and fold services are second to none because of our attention to detail and affordable prices! We are dedicated to providing our customers with superior laundry services, so we never take shortcuts. However, because of our experience and skill, we can efficiently and quickly wash and fold your clothes in no time!

Alteration & Repair Services for Residential & Commercial Customers

Whether your dress pants are too long, your suit jacket needs taken in, or you have a torn seam in your skirt, Kesterson Cleaners & Launderers is where to go! We provide countless alteration and repair services to our residential and commercial customers to ensure a comfortable fit. From sewing on replacement buttons to hemming services, alteration, and light tailoring services, we do it all! Stop by our location in Parkersburg, WV, today to drop off any clothes that do not fit or are in need of repair!

Wedding Gown Preservation & Other Special Garment Services

When it comes to priceless garments, such as your wedding gown, you want to be able to make them last for as long as possible. At Kesterson Cleaners & Launderers, we provide brides both past and present with exemplary preservation services to keep your wedding gowns and other garments in pristine condition for years to come! Whether your wedding dress or other special garment is already clean and simply needs to be preserved, or has some discoloration or stains that need to be removed and cleaned beforehand, we handle it all!